This whole thing hasn’t turned out the way that the left would have liked.

It should be noted that while the leftist Press those in the UK and here in the US are telling us, protesters. Jeremy Corbyn claimed they were going to have 250,000 protesters in London. They didn’t end up with a quarter of that. (Apparently, taking cues from the million Man March…)

It should also be noted that’s the Brexit Party, (by definition, a UK echo in terms of nationalism and populism…) just got through winning an election in the UK by wide margin.

(Yes…Unexpectedly, as usual)

It should also be noted that by any honest measure l Trump did an excellent job in representing these United States to the people of great Britain… And for that matter the world.

As a bonus, let’s consider that Trump is only the third s US president the Queen has officially received, since she ascended to the throne. Only two other U.S. presidents have made state visits to Britain in her 67 years on the throne… George W. Bush in 2003 and Barack Obama in 2011.

(The visit of Obama is important to this discussion, given that the usual suspects were telling us that Obama being received by Her Majesty meant that he had her high approval. Funny how they don’t seem to think so in this case.)

Remember, she invited him. That’s a rare occurrence. Don’t think for a moment she’s not sending a message. The Queen is not politically isolated, nor is she an idiot. She knows very well that the naysayers on the left, loud as they always tend to be, are an extreme minority.

The bottom line is, that the left both here in the States and in the UK end up looking like childish brats. My take is that this also will be remembered at the next election our respective countries.

I can’t imagine that that message, along with the sheer numbers of pro Trump protesters in London, will create a very bleak mood amongst Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters, for his chances of attaining number 10.

2 Responses to “On the Matter of The Donald And The Queen”

  1. I have good reason to believe that 34, Dwight David Eisenhower, did make official visits to London, as well as other European capitals. Did Ike meet the Crown Princess?  I don’t know.

    As for Donny’s foray to Londonistan, it is foreign territory.

  2. Yes young David, DD EisenCOWARD did meet with the Princess on a multitude of occasions, quite probably getting leadership lessons from her, and arrempting to recruit her to being his driver since Liz was trained and qualified for the job.

    HRM Liz even came to visit the reconstructed White house in 57 to see how it came out after her progenitors burned it to the ground.

    Myself; I’ve been wondering given the huge AntiTrump crowds reported by the J School Grads, how the fellow pushing the symbolic Donald on a pedestal crapping on lesser britania was able to move the device around so easily.

    The fine social example of lesser britania importing vermin from the desert after refusing admission to Hong Kong’s citizens is bearing fruit.  The british navy has a brand new boat they can’t crew to add to their rotting fleet in port they can neither maintain or crew.  britania is a JOKE.