A few years ago I happened to be at a Burger King restaurant that happened to be in Virginia. Could have been anywhere I suppose.

I was in the process of ordering my Whopper when suddenly this enraged individual came up pushed me aside and started screaming about how he had meat in his sandwich. He had apparently ordered one of those god-awful veggie burgers that Burger King was playing with at the time.

Ignoring the fact that the guy had pushed me and probably deserved being decked right there, I couldn’t ignore the laugh that was coming up. I looked at him somewhat incredulously and told him, “You’re at a burger joint. Did you really expect this to end well?”

The little fellow looked up at me with shock on his face, as if he’d never considered the idea is that there might be a problem here, and that his own judgement was the cause of it.

This incident occurred about the same time that the Masterpiece Bakery thing was going on where a couple of homosexuals came up from three counties away to order a cake for their wedding to get turned down so that they could raise hell over the issue. It wasn’t hard to imagine this guy was trying to pull the same garbage.

So you can imagine the smile on my face when this article shows up this morning in the New York Post:

The alternative meat market is booming, with plant-based fake meats that look, taste and bleed just like the real thing taking over grocery stores and fast food restaurants.

Part of the appeal for diners is that eating less red meat can cut the risk of heart disease and other health risks. But nutritionists and registered dietitians say ordering a meatless burger at a chain — especially one where you can get fries with it — might not be that much better for you.

“Are they healthier as far as sodium, calories and fat content? Definitely not,” Sharon Zarabi, a registered dietitian and bariatric program director at Lenox Hill Hospital, told MarketWatch.

It seems to me there’s another comparison to be made here. Alternative energy. It costs more, just like the supposedly meatless Burger, it doesn’t work as well, and all the studies show it’s not any better for you or the environment either.

I can just imagine the look on the face of that little twerp in Virginia upon being informed about this article.