Let’s start here:

So now, Mayor Pete, the next best hope of the Democrat Party, has called in an independent investigation by the federal government.

I wonder a great many things about all of this… And here is just a couple…

# Will the citizens of South bend who are obviously extraordinarily angry, believe what the feds say happens when the investigation is over? After all, these are largely Democrat Party constituents who by and large don’t believe a word of the Mueller report because it didn’t achieve the desired result. The desired, (and loudly stated) effect here is to fire the cops.

# I wonder what it’s going to take to get the constituencies of these larger towns to not immediately figure murder is racism on the part of The Police every time one of these situations pops up. of all of the question marks that has popped up in the last 20 years or so on these kind of affairs, how often if we found the cops guilty? A handful, if that. I’m forced to conclude that having lept to their wrong conclusion there is no steering them away from it.

Now, however that works out the one thing that we can positively say about all of this is that the mayor has successfully screwed up his presidential chances. There is no recovery from the damage done by this video. There is one other set of videos out there, that are of a kind with this one.. where he’s up on stage, and is basically afraid of his own constituents.

If he can’t deal with a bunch of his own constituency yelling at him, how in the world is he going to be able to deal with Vladimir Putin or for that matter a Ted Cruz? Or a Donald Trump?

Simply put, Pete Buttigieg is not presidential material and has now clearly exposed himself as such.

One down, 25 to go.

Addendum: Eric

An interesting read from Gail Heriot, stating the obvious. Namely if you really believe that black lives matter, maybe you should stop under estimating the value of a police presence in neighborhoods that are riddled by high crime.

If this mental midget Buttigieg had any brains at all that would have been the first point out of his mouth, and the last before he walked off the stage.