I am not of fan of Fearless Leader b/k/a Robert Mueller, III,   It was Russia’s aim to disrupt our elections in 2016, and beyond.  It was Fearless Leader’s assignment to investigate Russian  interference.   Yet despite an counterintelligence operation using fictional material bought and paid for my Mrs. Clinton’s election campaign,  Fearless Leader found none.   A peak at Fearless Leader’s less than distinguished career, from Clarice Feldman, American Thinker:

He kept four innocent men in jail for years (one for 35 years) to protect the vicious criminal Whitey Bulger, who had at times been an FBI informant.


He bungled the anthrax case (along with James Comey) so that one man — whom it is far from certain was responsible — killed himself and a clearly innocent man, Steven Hatfill, underwent incredible harassment and career destruction based on the flimsiest of evidence and the government (that is the taxpayers) again was forced to pay him millions in recompense.
Under his watch at the FBI, that agency and the Department of Justice’s criminal division framed Senator Ted Stevens and failed to stop the Boston bombing even though the Russians had warned them of the perpetrators in advance.

From Daniel John Sobieski, American Thinker:

By refusing to go after the real colluders with Russia who committed real crimes, it is Robert Mueller who was obstructing justice.

So rather than prosecute the Russian collaborators, Fearless Leader aided and abetted them.