Dale makes an interesting point over at Q&O the other day. He was talking about the vote in the European Union, Brexit, Etc but I think that the formula can be applied easily to politics here in the states.

Paraphrasing him, he suggests that when you’ve got 10 guys with tiki torches, that can be labeled “the far right”. When you’ve got something just under 50% of the electorate, that’s no longer the far right. That’s mainstream.

The Democrats are forever labeling any opposition to them as “far right”. The fact of the matter is it’s anything but.

I suppose it’s easy for the Democrats to blame massive opposition they are seeing on a vast right-wing conspiracy… (Hillary Clinton call your office) …but in fact thats too easy. In labeling it as such, what they avoid is having to face the idea that the opposition that they are seeing is due to their own overreach to the left…. That the left is being rejected by the voters. Far from being isolated to the far right, the opposition to their nonsense has gone mainstream. They’ve gone too far even for the supposed political center. That it is in fact they who have become disconnected from the minds and hearts of the American people, the American voter. thus, the election of Donald Trump with the overwhelmingly clear mandate that he is to clean house, and that mandate has the establishment of both parties working overtime to protect their little fiefdoms.

Nor, I think, is this limited so these not so United States. Consider the Brexit movement. Consider the recent elections in Germany. Consider the rather startling unpopularity of Macron in France. Consider Viktor Orban over in Hungary. The umbrella movement in Taiwan.

Everywhere you look around the globe, we are seeing long empowered establishment politics being removed or at least resisted, and for the most part the people taking this action have not been heretofore involved with politics all that much. That’s a trend that has the left panicking these days.

On a personal note, I must say that I am disappointed that we haven’t seen anything out of the guys the last couple of weeks.