Eric referred to the advice columnist E. Jean Carrol as a lunatic. She is but so much more. Carrol is also a cougar. Carrol on Charlie Rose (1996), video:

Carrol appears to hold as universal all her personal ideas.  As some women, such as Carrol, like the idea of a cave man dragging them away by their long hair, all women do.  Then why does Carrol wear her hair so short?  Notice how Rose and Breslin like a third rail.

Carrol also describes women’s, her, memories as malleable.  Maybe Carrol does remember Trump molesting her in the changing room, or maybe she just wishes he had.

Note to Anderson Cooper, have you fired your producer yet?  He set you up with an interview with a lunatic.

Advice for Carrol, Donny likes models.  You are no model.  Then unlike Cooper, Donny does like girls.  Just not you.

3 Responses to “E. Jean Carrol, Cougar”

  1. ALWAYS drag by the hair.
    Dragging by the feet generally causes em to plug up.

  2. I have found no historical evidence of the groom having club his bride.  The media depiction of the caveman, the club and the bride but goes back to the previous century.  On the other foot, the idea of kidnapping one’s bride goes back several centuries.

  3. I can personally vouch for Eric not clubbing Donna.