The Democrat Party has given into this sorry leftism before. And they got their backsides handed them..

1972. It’s pretty hard to look at that piece of history and not understand that this is precisely the level of defeat that the Democrats are headed for in 2020.

Consider the spectacle of the 1972 cycle.. Interestingly, the Democrat Party had 15 candidates for consideration for the Democrat party nomination. They have even more in this cycle, of course.

George McGovern

It is little remembered at this point but in that 72 cycle, George McGovern had as a prominent part of his platform a guaranteed minimum income. Along, of course, with the rest of the touchstones of the far left today. the far left of the party was running things back in those days as well, and McGovern ended up winning the nomination.

The result in the general, was a laughable 17 electoral votes of the available 538, (one delegate in Virginia went for a third party candidate that nobody even knew) with 37.5% of the popular vote and only one state … the leftist enclave of Massachusetts… carried.

So what have we got today amongst the Democrats? You have Joe Biden and his touchy-feely politics, plus 20 other candidates (give or take) that are so far to the left, both individually and collectively that they make Joe Biden look like Gerry Ford, by comparison. It’s as I’ve said elsewhere, the tragedy here is not the perception that Biden is the Democrat Party’s best candidate, but that the perception is an accurate one.

It’s as I’ve said elsewhere nobody that makes it through this primary on the Democrats side is going to be accepted by the General electorate.

Now, let’s add to this the results of the IG report which is due out shortly, stand the constant drumbeat of additional information about Democrat Party corruption which amounts to what is most likely the largest scandal ever to hit these United States… and the only logical conclusion that one can draw is that the Democrats are facing a blowout so large that will make the McGovern loss in 72 seem like a victory by comparison.