Here we go;

Jackson Cosko, a former aide to Senator Maggie Hassan and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, is headed to prison on Wednesday. Cosko is responsible for doxxing GOP senators during the Kavanaugh hearings last fall.

The former aide, Jackson Cosko, pleaded guilty in April to crimes related to an unparalleled effort to ransack a Senate office, extorting a Democratic senator, illegally harming Republicans for their political views, and blackmailing a witness.

Given what we’ve been seeing out of the Democrats lately, this is the tip of the iceberg. I am not at all convinced that this guy acted alone and without direction.

And let’s just for the sake of argument say that he was acting alone and without instruction. Are Hassan, and Sheila Jackson Lee, arguably two of the most wack doodle people in government, going to be asked to take responsibility for creating the environment where this kind of thing happens, or are they going to find some way to blame Trump for it?