I’m going over some of the recordings, of speeches and pressers during this trip. There are several occasions where Trump has made specific reference to the special relationship between the UK and the US.

I’ve also been going over some recordings of Obama in the same situation. The striking difference is that Obama never mentioned the special relationship between the US and the UK… Not once.

Perhaps there was in fact a message involved with sending Winston Churchill’s bust out of the oval office, after all.

And yet, our media praises Obama for his diplomatic abilities, and calls Donald Trump “undiplomatic”. So disconnected from reality is the Press on this that it makes one wonder if they are reporting on completely different events.

Another thing: For all of her utter uselessness in terms of Brexit, give Theresa May credit for one thing… she alone made comments giving Donald Trump credit for bringing additional dollars, funding he demanded, for NATO. Remember, gang, those demands were mocked by the left at the time.