That was more or less the question posed to me in this format:

There seems to be this overwhelming negative stigma attached to the millennial generation or generation y. Depending on where you look and what article you read the millennial generation starts as early as 1976 to 1982 and ends 1996 to 2004. Most common is 81-96. Some groupings also include the microgeneration called xennial which is 76-83, not quite gen x, not quite gen y. The following generation is called the i-gen or generation z and currently we are in generation alpha. However we have lumped everyone after gen x as a millennial and this is where the issue lies. While as millennials we have done our fair share of stupid things there is a vast world of difference between older millenials and younger millenials. It is the i gens and young millenials that have no life skills because mommy and daddy decided that they didnt want their child to know what it meant to fail. Had to be given a trophy for participating, encouraged and taught to whine about how unfair life is. Cant iron, cook, sew, balance a check book let alone write a check, do their own laundry. They are the ones eating tide pods, bath salts, snorting condoms, thinking the world revolves around them.

It isn’t a matter of the parents not wanting to deal with that issue. Mostly it has to do with their being subject to 12 years of indoctrination in an education system run by leftists.

I suggest most parents would have a conniption fit if they actually understood what their kids were being taught in such places…. And not taught.

That is, for example, how they know so much about global warming, and the evils of capitalism and not so much about how to read a map, do basic math, spell, manage their finances, or understand world history.

I will say this again, the worst mistake we ever made as a country, a culture, a people was to turn the responsibility for the education of our young over to the government.