There’s a lesson in the UNC shooting that very few people have bothered to mention.

The trend has always been that these mass shootings occur in gun-free zones. UNC is just one more, and the trend remains unbroken.

The abject stupidity of gun-free zones must be challenged.

One Response to “UNC”

  1. I am 100% in favor of gun free zones, especially when they are packed with people who believe there should be gun free zones.

    Guns are dangerous, and often loud.

    Guns hurt people.

    Allow me to hold the USPS mailbox open so you can drop the gun you accidentally brought because you didn’t know Park Ridge Hospital is gun free in the box.  Just ask the guard to open the box and return your gun when you leave.

    Did you know you are significantly more likely to be shot and killed on hospital property by a Registered Nurse in Monroe County than anyplace else in the State?

    NO, I’m not carrying a gun, and NO you can’t look or pat me down.