Will Fearless Leader, b/k/a Special Counsel Robert Mueller III,  appear before the House Judiciary Committee?  Adam Mills, from Federalist:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller might testify before a friendly House Judiciary Committee, although the exact date is uncertain. President Trump has signaled he’ll block this under executive privilege principles.
But Mueller is a loose cannon who coordinates with the media and Congress and may just blow through any presidential objection, as he has already shown a willingness to defy his boss. That’s great news. Here’s why.

If that happens, Republicans will have the opportunity to ask questions.


18. There is a report that you turned over the day-to-day operations of the special counsel team to Weissmann. How do you respond to that account? Is there any evidence or log of how much time you physically came to the office to supervise the team?

All twenty one questions at the link. Mine, morphing Four into Eighteen, did those twenty-five plus leaks from team Mueller occur because of or despite of Fearless Leader’s supervision, or lack thereof?

Question for former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, what effort did you make to vet Fearless Leader’s competency before you appointed him Special Counsel and what efforts, if any, did you make to supervise him?