It is truthful although I suppose someone opportunistic the point out that the pollsters have gotten the national election wrong once again, this time in Australia. you know, eventually somebody’s going to get the idea that the pollsters are trying to create their own reality with what they tell us pre-election. This is made tremendously evident by the way the leftist outlets around the world scramble to cover their backsides post-election.

Among the most amusing responses comes from the German net, Deutsche Welle:

The Daily Chrenk goes into some detail on this supposedly unexpected win in Australia.


As with the election of Donald Trump here in the states, the pollsters repeatedly told everybody that there was no way the liberals could lose. Yes, they did… And here’s that word again…”unexpectedly”.

Arthur says to me in private from his home in Australia,

It was definitely another “it’s the economy, stupid” election, with people worried about the left going on high taxing and job destroying spree.

Well, yeah, there’s plenty of examples worldwide of that phenomenon. At the extremes, Venezuela these last few years, and these United States. big economic upturn moving away from the left here in the states, and the big economic downturn, moving toward the left in Venezuela.

The thing is, there are some other indicators here which deserve mention… The New York Times this morning is whining that this was supposed to be Australia’s climate change election. From all appearances Australians are figuring out what a hoax that is. And yes, the economy ties into that one as well. And that has a lot of leftists around the world putting a certain stress on their supply of Depends.

One one could almost suggest that there is a trend worldwide on this kind of thing.