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Poll: Congress Should be Working with Trump Not Against Him

According to a Rasmussen poll [1] released this morning.

Voters are more critical of the job Congress is doing, and most continue to believe the legislators should work more with President Trump. They also still think the president, not Democratic congressional leader Nancy Pelosi, should set the agenda.

Yeah, well we know the Democrats well enough to know that that’s not going to occur. their reaction to Trump’s election tells us the whole story. They don’t give a blessed hoot what the American people want.

A plurality (47%) continues to believe Trump, not Pelosi, should set the direction of the country for the next two years. Thirty-three percent (33%) say the House speaker should be in charge, while 15% want neither calling the shots. These attitudes haven’t changed since the end of last year following the Democrats’ election takeover of the House of Representatives.

And yet the Democrats continue with their witch Hunt… And haven’t accomplished thing one of what the American people want done.