Mother’s day is a reminder that no matter how much you do, It’s not enough. That sounds negative when you say it that way, I know, but let me explain…happymothersday

The debt of thanks we owe our mothers is one that cannot be properly repaid, and no amount of profuse thanks no acts of kindness, no special dinners, no card, no presents, can ever balance the books. All we can do, in the end, is meekly acknowledge that debt, and let her know she is loved, because in the end, that is all she will really want, anyway. She’d never complain beyond that.

But think on this: The reverse is also true.  You, in the end, are her reach into the future, part of her lives on in you. With so much of her in you and you being how she will live on here on earth, even beyond her own years, how can she help but be proud of you? So, that thankfulness, that connection flows both ways.

Just something to ponder, today.

2 Responses to “On Mother’s Day”

  1. You forgot to get Donna a card and the giant strawberries, didn’t you Eric?

    Hope the swelling goes down enough you can see to drive.

  2. Donna doesn’t like strawberries.