The word in the Washington Times this morning is that Robert Mueller and his team are reluctant to have him testify in front of Jerry Nadler and his impeachment circus.

Citing sources familiar with the matter, CNN reported Tuesday that Mr. Mueller’s team worries he will appear political after staying out of the public limelight while spearheading a 22-month investigation into President Trump.

Well, I have no doubt that Mueller and his people are reluctant to subject themselves to Nadler’s overly realistic recreation of the McCarthy hearings. Mueller and his people remember the amount of anger coming off the Democrats when they found out that there wasn’t enough evidence of Trump misdeeds, despite two years and millions of dollars worth of investigation. The howling from the Democrats on that point, which included calling Mueller and his team’s integrity into question repeatedly, reminded me of nothing so much as the spoiled brat being told they can’t have a pony.

Mueller knows full well he’s not going to be able to give this version of the Spanish Inquisition the answers they want, and he knows how they’re going to react.

Robert Mueller

The Democrats spent two years building up Mueller as their political savior. The anger that’s been coming from the Democrats is going to get worse if they drag him out into public because he’s not going to be able to give them the answers that they want. The Democrats want their pound of flesh as they have with every Republican president since Eisenhower. Mueller knows that they will attack anything and anybody that stands in their way including the person that they were lauding as a hero just a short while ago.

To his credit, Robert Mueller has tried to play the center line on this. He and his team being reluctant to have him testify now is solid indication that he is beginning to realize the only thing on the centerline is roadkill.


The stated concern for Mueller and his people is that he wants to continue to appear to be apolitical. Is this, I wonder, a tacit admission Jerry Nadler and the Democrats are engaged in something that is purely political?

One Response to “Mueller Reluctant?”

  1. Fearless Leader’s apolitical train left the station even before his appointment.  Given the fact that Fearless Leader did not write the Weissmann and may have never even read it, his only option is to duck and run.

    ((( Eric responds:
    The key here is that he is not going to be able to give the Democrats the anti-trump answers that they seek. Hell hath no fury like a Democrat when the facts run against them. Mueller knows this, and thus his reluctance now.

    at this stage of the game I’m looking for Mueller to actually go ahead and testify, but before the public version of this, in other words they live show, you’re going to see Mueller huddling with the committee behind closed doors.

    At that point the public show will be short and sweet with nothing earthshaking. Got to prevent the Democrats from looking like the fools they are.