Slow Joe Biden promised to quit molesting young girls, at least in public.  I don’t think Slow Joe can control his hands, from Daily Wire:

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden stirred ire on social media on Tuesday after he touched a young girl at a campaign rally despite pledging last month to be “much more mindful” about not invading people’s personal space without their permission.

The New York Times reported that the interaction between Biden and the 10-year-old girl happened after she asked him a question about political division in the country.
“She told him that her favorite subject was journalism, so Mr. Biden proceeded to bring her to the back of the room, where journalists and TV cameras were congregated, and put his hands on her shoulders,” the Times added. “The moment raised some eyebrows among online commentators. In the weeks leading up to his entrance into the race, a number of women said Mr. Biden had made them uncomfortable by touching them, leading to a reckoning around the physical way he has often interacted with women in public.”

Tell Joe that one molester in the White House, B.J. Clinton, was one too many. To Slow Joe friends, associates or employees, this man needs help.  Get him the mental health intervention is so disparately needs.  Do it now, before Slow Molests yet another child.