When you lose Jonathan Turley…

As someone who has represented the House of Representatives, my concern is that this one violates a legal version of the Hippocratic oath to “first do no harm.” This could do great harm, not to Barr, but to the House. It is the weakest possible case to bring against the administration, and likely to be an example of a bad case making bad law for the House.

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) laid out the case for contempt. He raised three often repeated complaints against Barr in that he failed to release an unredacted report by special counsel Robert Mueller, allegedly lied twice to Congress, and refused to appear before the committee. Yet, notably, the only claim the committee seeks to put before a federal court is the redaction of the report. That seems rather curious since, if Barr lied or refused a subpoena as House leaders claim, it normally would be an easy case of contempt. The reason for this move is that House Democrats know both claims would not withstand even a cursory judicial review.

Yeah, well let’s go a step further.

In the time since the Mueller report came out, the entirety of the report…. unredacted… has been available to Democrats. In all that time, not a one of them has gone to actually read it. Not one.

Maybe they’re not interested in what the Mueller report actually contains, and this is all showboating?

In any event, Jonathan Turley is hardly a Trump supporter. What do you suppose the under/ over is on him being attacked by Democrats for his position?

There’s some history behind this thing that very few people are mentioning:

Eric Holder was the first sitting cabinet member ever to be cited for contempt of congress, incidental to the Obama gun running scam “fast and furious“.

And just where did that accusation by Congress go? Absolutely nowhere.


Because contempt of congress charges are referred directly to the Department of Justice which of course is run by the Attorney General. Essentially, Eric Holder decided not to prosecute himself.

This was less than a decade ago. It amazes me that the Democrats don’t recall this, or perhaps more accurately, they hope you and I don’t. Oh, and of course Nadler was one of the people that were defending Holder in his actions.

Hypocritical much, Jerry?

Attorney General Barr

But here’s the thing, does anybody consider that this contempt of congress charge against Barr is going anywhere beyond the headlines?

The answer is no, this is nothing more than a political stunt, specifically designed to keep the confusion in the minds of the voters…. And to keep hoax alive. (No, that’s not a typo.)

The Democrats are desperate to keep their own hijinx out of the limelight so they’re putting up as much smoke as possible to cover it. They know full well that Barr intends to fully investigate the origins of the Russia hoax. There’s a lot of very powerful people who will be in an immense amount of hot water when the results of that investigation start coming out. There’s the inspector General’s report which is due out at the end of the month. That, too, is likely to be the mother of all bomb shells.

And once that happens, does anybody truly believe that the American public is going to vote Democrat in anything resembling large numbers for the foreseeable future?

Then, we have the spectre of Donald Trump’s tax returns showing up in the New York Times the other day….a clearly illegal act on the part of somebody, which ended up revealing essentially nothing at all that we didn’t already know.

I’ve been saying all along that the Democrats have had these documents in their hip pockets. That the call for their release was mere showboating.

Still, the act of revealing those documents was illegal. As is what they are demanding that the Attorney General do when they call for the complete unredacted Mueller report to be released.

Democrats supporting illegal Acts in support of their own power. The Democrats and their contempt for the American people is on full display here.

The questions that are now before us, and probably have been all along…

Will the Democrats accept any evidence (or lack of it) that does not support their efforts to overturn a legitimate election? Therefore can any of their claims be taken seriously? Is there anything that they can do or say that will not be tainted?

The Democrats are obviously willing to support any illegal acts.. Illegal immigration and allowing those illegal immigrants to vote. Encouraging felons devote from their jail cells. The illegal actions listed above. Anything, anything at all that will enhance Democrat Party power.

And therefore, can they be trusted with anything? Anything at all?