It’s a supreme irony is that Joe Biden, the assumed front-runner in the race for the presidential nomination for the Democrats has essentially opened up his campaign with a 30 -years -late apology to Anita Hill.

First off, one really must wonder who told Joe Biden that he needed to apologize to Anita Hill, and of course why did it take them 30 years to do that?

Then, there’s the whole question of why he didn’t feel it was necessary to apologize to Anita Hill during the 2008 campaign. Granted, “Me Too” wasn’t nearly the thing it is these days, but that bespeaks of an argument of convenience, just as loudly as does Biden’s belated apology.

it is ironic because all it does is serve to remind the voting public of the standard Democrat “hit them with fake charges” playbook. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but hasn’t anybody noticed the similarities between what happened with Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas, and what happened to Brett Kavanaugh and his accusers, as well as President Trump, and his accusers? I mean, which do you suppose has the larger chance of being true?

* That every even remotely Conservative candidate for any major political position is guilty of a “Me Too” crime…


* That the Democrats are willing to lie their butts off to create scandal so as to keep conservative politicians and judges out of their respective seats?

That’s the question, it seems to me, that is brought up by the invoking of Anita Hill by the Democrats now; Is there any point over the last 40 years where the scandals being pushed by the Dems and the Lametream media, against their opponents, didn’t turn out to be a complete fabrication?

Look; It is always true that leftist movements change to eat their own eventually, and it invariably turns into a circular firing squad. So, it should be no surprise to anybody that these problems chasing Joe Biden just now are being pushed by his fellow Democrats.

Thing is, it seems to me that the larger question as I mentioned above, is going to come back and bite the Democrats come time for the general election, no matter who makes it through the primary process. The person or persons who released this weapon against Biden will end up being collateral damage of their own weaponry.

Always assuming of course, that the GOP is smart enough to take the Democrats up on their generous offer of committing political suicide.