John Hinderaker says:

Do you think illegal immigration is a serious problem? If you are like 67 percent of likely voters, you do. If you think illegal immigration is a very serious problem, you have plenty of company–47 percent of voters.

Of course, if you are running for president as a Democrat, you don’t think illegal immigration is a problem at all. Eight percent of likely voters agree with you. Not only do none of the Democratic presidential candidates want to build the wall, some of them want to tear down barriers where they already exist. Open borders! Come one, come all!

How can the Democrats be so out of touch with voters on what most regard as a very important issue? I don’t know.

John, I do understand that your commentary is slightly tongue- in- cheek, but let’s lay it out here

The reason that “you don’t know” John, is this… you’re still operating from the premise that Democrats want to represent the views of the people, when the fact is precisely the opposite is true.

The Democrats think they know better than anybody else what needs doing, and won’t be happy until you adopt their ideas, and their policies in lockstep. There is perhaps no clear example of this than Obamacare. Or before it, Hillarycare.

Freedom, individualism, self-reliance, all the things that this country was founded on, are an anathema do the Democrats and have been since Woodrow Wilson and quite probably before.