Alex Newman over at The New American

The collective freak out over President Donald Trump’s proposed Presidential Committee on Climate Science (PCCS) highlights the fact that the hysteria surrounding the man-made global-warming hypothesis is unscientific — and that it must be re-examined by competent, credible experts. According to scientists and experts, if the science on “climate change” were truly settled, Democrats, tax-funded climate alarmists, and the establishment media would all be celebrating another committee to confirm that “conclusion.” Instead, the unhinged shrieking over Trump’s plan to investigate the matter strongly suggests something very fishy is going on, critics argued. Indeed, there is a good chance that even more fraud could be revealed.

There is that of course…

There is massive amounts of fraud in this. But even absent that… even if global warming is not a hoax which it is, it comes down to what I’ve been saying for many years now;

The worst thing you can do to a liberal is give them exactly what they wanted to because it removes their ability to demagogue whatever it is.

…and that’s really what this is all about. Any serious examination of this or anything else that the Democrats have been putting up the last 40 years, limits their power.