If a rabid supporter of Bernie Sanders were to gun down a minority member of Congress, would the media be the least bit concerned? From Frontpage Mag:

The media’s pearl clutching is even more pathetic when it can hardly interrupt its own calls for the harassment of Republicans to pretend that any criticism of Rep. Omar is certain to lead to violence. After falsely claiming that President Trump was a Russian spy, that Justice Kavanaugh is a serial rapist, and that anyone who supports Trump is fair game for anything from harassment to execution, the media has as much moral authority on incitement to violence as Charles Manson and Jim Jones.

The only reason the media is emphasizing the death threats against Rep. Omar is because her rhetoric is too repulsive to defend by any conventional means. The media is trying to change the subject and smear Omar’s opponents because it’s too cowardly to make the case for anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism.

Does Speaker Pelosi mean to suggest that Secret Service protection should be extended to all member of the House? I suggest not. If not, does Speaker Pelosi mean to suggest that somehow Representative Omar Ilhan(D – Somalia) as some elevated risk not shared by say Representative Steve Scalise. It was Scalise who was wounded in an attempted assasination, by rabid supporter of the would be next president, Bernie Sanders.