Of these three people, Mrs. B.J. Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, and Dennis, which one would you expect to understand the meaning of Easter Sunday. Clinton was formerly known as the “Smartest Woman in the World, and professes to be a Methodist. Obama true religion is about as clear as the origin of he birth certificate. As for Prager, he is an Orthodox Jew. Yet, from American Greatness:

The reason neither [Clinton or Obama] mentioned Christians or churches is that the left has essentially forbidden mention of all the anti-Christian murders perpetrated by Muslims in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and of all the Muslim desecration of churches in Europe, Africa and anywhere else. This is part of the same phenomenon—that I and others have documented—of British police and politicians covering up six years of rape of 1,400 of English girls by Muslim “grooming gangs” in Rotherham and elsewhere in England.

Clinton, a professed Methodist, is still sober enough to use the word Christian when she wishes to condemn an entire religion.  Likewise Clinton has to problem using the word Muslim when tries to portray them as victims. Yet Clinton just can not bring herself ever refer to a Christian as a victim nor depict a Muslim as a perp.

Moreover, Clinton twists herself into polically correct double speak by refusing to acknowledge the Christian perception of Easter Sunday, her use of the ill begotten phrase Easter worshippers. Bess her heart, Clinton is unable to distinguish between a Greek Goddess and Christian holiest holiday.