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Sri Lanka

One interesting point this a lot of people don’t mention about the Sri Lanka is that that country is in majority Buddhist both Muslims and Christians are a distinct minority, with some 21 million Buddhists.

Yet the islamists attack Christians.

Early arguments coming out of ISIS is that te attack in Sri Lamka is in response to the killings at Christ Church.

However it should be pointed out that those killings were perpetrated by an atheist. So either ISIS is ill-informed or they are claiming responsibility for an attack that in fact they had nothing to do with.

And I will reluctantly point out that the number of attacks on harder targets, such as military installations, seems to be slowing, while attacks on houses of worship and other relatively suck targets perpetrated by ISIS are on the rise.

For the moment let’s go on the Siri that isis is in fact responsible for the Sri Lankan attacks.

it could be said that if this was a purely religious war being fought by ISIS, that the Buddhist population in Sri Lanka would also be the logical target there.

The thing is, the killing of Buddhists in Sri Lanka is not as likely to get a rise out of the West as the killing of Christians. I see this as a calculated move on the part of ISIS, therefore.

As I have said, ISIS is now claiming responsibility for the attacks. Thing is, the people that were arrested in association with these attacks are all locals and members of a local terrorist group. These are people who have neither the numerical size, nor the armed strength to pull off the kind of attacks we saw.

Almost as a contradiction, ISIS couldn’t have a large presence Sri Lanka, without raising eyebrows. Put those two factors together and it’s my guess that if ISIS were involved in those attacks as they claim, it was from a supply and direction standpoint, not actual fighters.

That ability to orchestrate attacks fire remote control if you will, of itself suggests a much larger Network than we have been previously aware of.

The last I heard which was the 24th early in the morning, the death toll has risen to somewhere north of 475 people.

Final points for this one. The tale of these attacks in Sri Lanka is a cautionary one for us here in the states. According to several reports Tama Sri Lankan intelligence caught wind of this attack a week before it happened but because of the political infighting within both the intelligence community there and the government itself, the proper officials were never notified.

Sound familiar?