Adam Mill at American Greatness:

can imagine a future in which Democrats, reflecting on our present, are shouting to their past selves, “Walk away!”… the Democrat’s continued obsession with opening the pandora’s box of the Mueller report will only make things worse for the get-Trump crowd as the hoax chickens increasingly come home to roost….Mueller’s team has played dirty from the start. Contrary to the public narrative that the team was “leak-proof,” the opposite is actually true. As I recently wrote, “It has been three years of innuendo and leaks, leaks, leaks, leaks, and uncountable more examples of leaks dripping poison into the poison-addicted pens of the partisan media. The Mueller team has never had to prove anything involving Trump-Russian collusion to anyone because the special counsel needs no proof to function as a potent political weapon.”

Well, look… the first indication that the Democrats should have walked away was when Nancy Pelosi started walking away from the Mueller report days before it was released. As I wrote several days ago, that told us three things…

  • The goal of the Democrats was to take out Trump for whatever excuse they could conjure up.
  • The report was not going to do that. Pelosi knew it. That should have been a signal to the rest of the Democrats and to the news media. Amazingly, it’s a signal that got ignored.
  • That Pelosi knew that there wasn’t going to be anything usable in the report and therefore started backing away was also a signal that the report’s content had already been leaked to her.

That a goodly number of Democrats are still not walking away from the Russia hoax, confirms the first point above, and also tells us that the Democrats know full well they don’t have anything else to go on.
As an example, Liz Sheld this morning:

These people are ridiculous. They all read Barr’s letter and they all know he is going to release as much of the report that he is legally able to. He provided the findings of the report so that people wouldn’t have to wait until the DOJ reviewed it and removed information that is legally prohibited from being released. And also he released the findings so that that weasels in the DOJ couldn’t drip out spun information to trash the president while the review was being completed. True story. Do these idiots think Barr lied about Mueller’s findings while Mueller stays quiet about it while helping Barr review the report? Come on now. This is such a political spectacle.Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY), one the biggest fools in congress, will say this at the hearing today:“All we have is your four-page summary letter, which seems to cherry pick from the report to draw the most favorable conclusion possible for the president,” Lowey will say. “In many ways, your letter raises more questions than it answers. “I must say, it is extraordinary to evaluate hundreds of pages of evidence, legal documents, and findings based on a 22-monthlong inquiry and make definitive legal conclusions in less than 48 hours. Even for someone who has done this job before, I would argue it is more suspicious than impressive.”Don’t forget that many of these grand-standers were in congress and opposed releasing the Starr report on Clinton way back when, and they changed the law so that these kinds of reports aren’t released to the public. But now, it doesn’t work in their political favor so we all have whiplash and the people have a “right to know” again.

Indeed so.
What we have here is a combination of bullheadedness and desperation on the part of the Democrats, at a level which hasn’t been seen since the Star report. and that, my friends, is a juxtaposition that I could probably get four or five posts out of if I wanted to.

However, leaving aside that glaring double standard, the “get Trump” mania among the Democrats is raising another question in the back of the minds of most American voters. That being, what else have the Democrats managed to do since taking over the lower house except alienating half the country?

That is a question that will certainly be playing larger as we get closer to November, 2020. That that is particularly true given the onrushing freight train of the Ukrainian/ Democrat investigation.