Let’s play this out very quickly;

I see huge Democrat Party losses including the White House in 2020, and here’s why.

Numerically speaking the only people that are going to be voting in the Democratic primaries, are the social justice warriors and the extremists. As a result, nobody that makes it through that process is going to win in the general election.

Indeed, the moderates who have been considering a presidential run are seriously reconsidering that possibility because it is now obvious how far left the Democrat Party has tilted. Why do you suppose for example that Joe Biden hasn’t decided to run yet? Or at least, hasn’t announced? Michael Bloomberg similarly. (Yeah, okay, we know he’s a declared independent but we also know who he’s going to side with.)

Now, the seats that the Dems won in 2016, they won not by going hard left, but by offering up moderates. You know, the ones Pelosi has to threaten, to keep in line with the hard left. Thing is, it’s not the moderates creating headlines, it’s Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and AOC… And that’s causing serious damage amongst the electorate, which I have repeatedly demonstrated in these spaces, are far more conservative than anything that either party has offered up since Reagan. Yet, we still see this headlong rush to the left:

Then, there’s the fraudulent Russia hoax and what can only be considered a palace coup, both perpetrated, as we now know, by the Democrats. That story is increasingly coming out in detail, and will play a large in 2020.. to the point where even rank-and-file Democrats, and of course independent voters, are going to be unable to support a party that attempted to remove a sitting president.

The third part of this is Democrat Party policies which end up being flakier than the shoulders on Bernie Sanders’ rumpled suit jacket. That’s evident in areas of consumer confidence, employment data, wage data, and much more. There are very few citizens today who can claim that they are not that are off over the last two years that they were under the entire eight years of the Obama Administration. You got the Democrats are championing a return to the screaming disaster was Obama era policies. Yeah, that’s going to go over large, huh?

You will have noticed by now that I have not once mentioned Donald Trump. All the reasons for the Democrats loss that’s coming in 2020, are their own doing.