There is something going on in the background of this Julian Assange thing I couldn’t quite figure out. I’ve been holding off on extensive comment, except to speculate about his chances of surviving to get to a courtroom, and whether or not this thing was linked to the recent testimony of Attorney General Barr.

There’s a lot happened since I originally moved that post yesterday. For one thing, the United States has added some charges. But therein, you see, lies the tale.

First, they are charging Julian Assange with leaking however many documents of secret nature to the Public, via WikiLeaks, and with working with Chelsea Manning on hacking the government Network to obtain such documents.

I’m unsure how he’s going to be convicted of much of anything, particularly as I read the court rulings as regards the Pentagon papers and Daniel Ellsberg. As I understand those court rulings, and how they fit this scenario, the real crime was committed by Chelsea Manning or whatever his name is. In this, the arguments of Assange and his lawyers, is that what he was engaging in is journalism, does make some sense… At least in terms of releasing them to the public.

Charging Manning with anything at this point is problematic because of a pardon from Barack Hussein Obama.

But that’s where things start getting really strange. Remember that a goodly number of those documents that were released exposed the Democrats connections to political dealings in the Ukraine.

So now, we see former White House counsel Greg Craig being dragged up on charges incidental to his lying to the Mueller investigation, on that very subject.

And here’s the thing… It turns out the charges brought against Greg Craig involve lying to Mueller’s investigation, but it wasn’t Mueller, bringing the indictment.

I’m starting to think the timing of these things and the arrest yesterday morning of Julian Assange, are linked somehow to that Ukrainian investigation. I get the sense that this investigation has been ongoing for at least several weeks now, and what we’ve seen in the last 48 hours is preparatory to a larger scale investigation. There’s little I can point to yet, but my heart tells me that’s where this is going.

For one thing, DOJ might not be able to get a conviction against Julian Assange, (indeed, as I suggested above they probably won’t, given the precedent… And that’s something that they would certainly know better than I…) but the charges would be useful in holding him and leveraging him as a witness for the prosecution in the Ukrainian case. Similarly, the charges against Greg Craig while somewhat more substantial, still only seem useful in an investigative sense.

And finally, we have the comments of Attorney General Barr as regards spying on the Trump team, the Russia collusion hoax and so on.

I have long held that the Russia collusion hoax was generated specifically for the purpose of covering the Democrats tracks as regards the Ukraine. This is straight up Saul Alinsky… Charge your opponent with what you’ve been doing.

So the question becomes are we seeing in these events the beginnings of a full-scale investigation into the Misdeeds of the Obama Clinton cabal?