If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is likely a duck. Special Council Robert Mueller III looks and acts like a paid Russian agent provocateur, from American Greatness:

[T]he [Mueller] report states: “The [Russian Internet Research Agency] conducted social media operations targeted at large U.S. audiences with the goal of sowing discord in the U.S. political system.” Thus, they created fake grassroots organizations “(with names such as “Being Patriotic,” “Stop All Immigrants,” “Secured Borders,” and “Tea Party News”), purported Black social justice groups (“Black Matters,” “Blacktivist,” and “Don’t Shoot Us”), LGBTQ groups (“LGBT United”), and religious groups (“United Muslims of America”).” The content suggests that Russia created fake grassroots groups (also known as “astroturf”) on either side of the divide to pick at the scabs of festering social controversies. This, in turn, would undermine national unity and the legitimacy of whomever was elected president.

What could possibly sow discord in the U.S. political system more than suggesting the president broke the law and stole an election by treacherously teaming up with a hostile foreign power? This was the essence of the charge made by former F.B.I. director James Comey, former CIA Director James Brennan, and their subordinates using the scandalous Steele dossier. This incredibly corrosive tale converted what were run-of-the-mill hacking and public relations operations, similar to those undertaken by many other nations—including the United States—into an act of war. Further, the dominant narrative (and even parts of Mueller’s report) obscured the fact that this was done without the consent, coordination, or even purpose of aiding one or another candidate.

I, for one, suggest that Mueller a/k/a Fearless Leader, is innocent of the specific act of agent provocateur on the grounds of stupidity.  The man was not capable of running the FBI, spending years investigation innocent men.  However, Mueller should be at least smart enough to name his puppet master. Fearless Leader should receive the Paul Manafort treatment.  That is locked up in solitary confinement until he sings.