First, watch the video.

It turns out he’s got quite a history behind him, does our friend Zachary.

The man accused of assaulting a conservative activist on the University of California, Berkeley campus last month has been the subject of a restraining order and has filed numerous restraining orders himself, attorney Harmeet Dhillon told Fox News on Wednesday.
Dhillon, Williams’ attorney, revealed on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that Greenberg has had previous legal issues. He had allegedly filed numerous restraining orders and small claims against his roommates and also sued landlords — but the cases were dismissed, Williams said.

Greenberg was also the subject of a restraining order in 2017 that was requested by one of his roommates, Dhillon said. That order was reportedly granted by the courts and, according to legal documents obtained by Fox News, Greenberg was also forced to turn over his 12-gauge pump shotgun and boxes of ammunition.

Interesting that none of the supposed mainstream media outlets covered that tiny little bit of information. they would just as soon continue with the illusion that the guys got a clean record. Read those quotes again. I wouldn’t consider that a clean record.
Personally I would just as soon see him get the same level of due process and presumption of innocence that judge Kavanaugh, and the Covington kids got.
That’s fair, don’t you think?