You get what you incentivize.  Want more homeless, provide incentives attract and recruit the homeless.  Want less taxpayers and homeowners, punish taxpayers and homeowners.  Hello Washington State, from City Journal:

The Washington legislature is one step closer to legalizing homeless encampments statewide. Last week, Democratic lawmakers passed through committee legislation, introduced by Representative Mia Gregerson, that would usurp the authority of city governments and legalize camping in all “plazas, courtyards, parking lots, sidewalks, public transportation facilities, public buildings, shopping centers, parks, [and] natural and wildlife areas” throughout the state.


Homelessness and drug addiction are ravaging Seattle, Washington’s largest city. More than 400 illegal encampments now exist within the city limits. Last year, municipal cleanup crews collected more than 2.4 million pounds of trash and human waste from a small fraction of these encampments. Discarded needles litter the streets, and even Puget Sound’s famed mussels have tested positive for opioids.

Prohibitions against public camping, littering, drug consumption, and theft do not “criminalize homelessness”—they provide the foundation for public safety in urban environments.

My advise to all municipalities in Washington, tear up your sidewalks, and privatize all municipal property.

How about a funding page for one way bus tickets to Washington?