Just a few thoughts in no particular order is that crossed my mind today.

* I hope tax cheat, and perpetrator of the Tawana Brawley hoax, Al Sharpton,

is still standing behind his statement that Jussie Smollett’s attackers should be under the full weight of the law. Somehow, I tend to doubt it.

* That Ethiopian Max 8 crash the other day seems to me to be making an example of how the Press gets things disconnected. The Press seems to be spending the majority of its time on pilot reports of safety system problems and yet the actual crash reports, particularly from people living along the flight path suggest that there was mechanical issues. Smoke and loud noises, banging coming from one of the engines. I’m betting the one of the engines was coming apart, possibly from a bird strike or possibly maintenance issues.

* There’s what, almost a dozen Democrats threatening to run for president of the United States under the Democrat banner.

Aside from the question of how they managed to fit that many people into a clown car anyway, is the amusing notion that creepy Uncle Joe is still polling the best out of the lot. That might have something to do with the socialism being claimed by the majority of them if not in so many words, as compared to what’s been happening in Venezuela lately.

* Paul Ryan is useless.

Unless of course, you’re a Democrat.