Is there anything about our Republican form of government is that the left doesn’t want to change in its favor?

The power-mad Democrats just in recent days have advocated…

# The elimination of the electoral College, thus effectively putting us under the boot of New York City and Los Angeles.

# They have been struggling mightily to allow illegals to vote in our elections,( after complaining bitterly about Russian influence in our elections ironically.)

# They are struggling to get legislation passed that would allow felons to vote.

# They are trying desperately to eliminate the second Amendment and our god-given right of self-defense.

Rick Moran said it right the other day over at The American Thinker:

Democrats, despite their takeover of the House, are a losing political party. In the most favorable political year for an opposition party in more than a generation, they managed to lose three Senate seats. They lost in 2016 to a foul-mouthed, political rookie, celebrity reality TV star who ran against a woman regularly named “most admired” in the country.

Folks, it’s called desperation. These people have gone full goose bozo for one reason and one reason only, and he’s sitting in the oval office.

(Not that it’s particularly matters who “he” is, anybody but Hillary Clinton in this case would have elicited the same response.)

Same deal with the constant leftist drum beat for reparations. It wouldn’t even be on the discussion list if Democrats win losing black voters. They’re trying to buy votes with our money…. and ignoring the fact that Johnson’s war on poverty has already spent 22 trillion dollars which were in essence an effort at reparations.

The thing is, none of this would be happening if Democrats were actually winning elections. They like to push this stuff off as a moral issue, but their morality would definitely change if they thought they had a chance in hell of obtaining power without playing these games.

In the end, all this entire scenario does, is back up what I’ve been saying about Democrats to the last two decades. It’s all about their power. Not helping individuals. Not increasing Freedom, not helping humanity. It’s all about increasing their own political power.

What’s remarkable about this is the degree to which their naked power lust has now been exposed.