We know the Democrats are gearing up to claim that any redaction from the Mueller reports is hiding something from the Democrats who are bloodthirsty about Trump.

Moreover, let’s say that the Democrats get their stated wish in terms of being able to view the Mueller report unedited.

Does anybody really think that that report isn’t going to be made public before the echo dies?

So in reality, any concern about security gets blown out the window the second the Democrats get their hands on it regardless of how it’s classified.

We might as well have the report without any redaction at all so the Democrats can’t make that claim.

Indeed, if the report comes out in total with no redaction whatsoever, it appears to me that this would be the Democrats worst nightmare.

Remember that I was as I have often said, actually providing a solution to a problem is the worst thing you can do to a Democrat because it removes their capability of demagoguing the situation.

In this case, if the total report comes out with no black lines through it, the Democrats will never be able to complain that things were covered up.

The action would drive a stake of Holly through the heart of the Democrats favorite conspiracy theory. Besides, it’ll make Rachel Maddow cry again.

Do it now.