So Robert Mueller’s report has finally dropped. As we’ve been saying all along it is a huge Nothing-Burger.

Britt Hume said it best.

Meanwhile over at MSNBC tears are flowing, literally.

Those tears are understandable, given that the last two years of her “reporting” have been revealed as wishful non-thinking.

This whole sham investigation has always been a move of desperation on the part of the GOP establishment and the Democrats… To the point where it’s getting hard to tell which is which anymore. I have always held the view that when you see the Democrats and the GOP establishment agreeing on something, particularly something as earth-shaking as this, it’s a solid indication of the worthlessness of both of them.

I won’t say that the investigation has been completely fruitless, however. Consider the positive things that have happened

# The leftist Press has succeeded in self immoliation. Never again will the supposed mainstream press be able to even attempt to pass it off as anything other than what it is always been… The propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

# The Democrat Party has succeeded in revealing itself as the power-mad group they’ve always been. They will do anything, say anything, lie, cheat, steal, to gain power. Absolutely anything. And they don’t care how many lives they destroy in the process.

# The Democrat Party is now forced to run their candidates on matters of policy and sanity… A venue that for the last 50 years they have never played well in.

I get the impression that the White House thinks this whole thing is behind them. But, I don’t expect this desperate anti Trump hysteria to end. Indeed, I expect it to get worse. there’s an awful lot of people who went way out on a limb, desperate to find something /anyting the hang on Trump thus saving their political and ambitions. That’s not something they’re going to give up immediately.

But here’s the thing; after two years of running that amplifier on number 11, and getting nowhere, the Democrats and the GOP establishment like Kristol, for example, have nothing left in their arsenal. The only thing they can do is try to Crank It up further. And the lies are going to get more wacky as time goes on

After all; Once you get past volume 11, what is there? More Distortion.

The problem with that for them, of course, is that by now the American people, including a large number of Democrats and independents already recognize the sham that this whole thing has been, and how untrustworthy the Democrat Party has become.