Yeah, I know… Snopes claims he wasn’t, as do the remainder of the leftist-run “Fact checking” sites.

Well, before you start tossing me links from that garbage, I should tell you that I trust them about as far as I can throw Michael Moore, in general and on this point, even less.

Here are the facts.

Upon McCain’s return from Vietnam, his records as a POW were immediately marked classified. His commanding officer while he was a POW, Colonel Ted Guy, submitted a series of charges to military prosecutors that cited McCain with treason among other things. McCain, along with 33 other POW’s, faced court martial with McCain by far being the one accused of the most serious of crimes. But it was also McCain, who was the son and grandson of distinguished Navy Admirals, that had to be protected at all costs for the sake of his family’s distinguished reputation. Because of this, the worst traitor in American history became known as a war hero and was elected to the Senate. President Richard Nixon issued a blanket pardon for McCain and the other 33 POW’s.

Don’t any McCain supporters wonder why Russia has never opened it’s files on McCain? Files, I should point out, that contain the 32 propaganda broadcasts McCain made from Hanoi. And let’s remember the relationship he carried on with the Russians… In many cases, the very same people named as people of interest in the Russia gate hoax.

So, then why the massive cover-up from these left- wing press run sites?

That’s an easy one.

McCain was always the “go to” guy for the leftist press. Any time they wanted a “credible” mouthpiece to oppose conservatives, McCain was always the one that they dredged up. And never one to be shy about showboating, McCain was always willing… no… eager to oblige.

McCain, you see, was the ticket to credibility for the left wing press, and reliable bad actor for the left. Someone willing to lie for the left especially if he was paid for it.

Nobody would dare question a POW/war hero. It’s in their interest to perpetrate the myth of McCain.

As an example…. Remember, gang that among the other smears against those to his right was the charge that Trump was helping ISIS... A laughable charge, particularly given Trump’s recent actions in Syria. For that charge to have any weight at all, Trump would have had to execute a U-turn tight enough that no mere human could withstand the G-forces.

Trump happens to be right about McCain, but this isn’t about Trump. Remember, Trump was never my guy.  However, as I have said often…

Problem solutions require proper problem identification.

This is about correctly labeling the damage done by a traitor.