It’s a lock sure bet, if there is the slightest possibility of her attaining power:

Colby Hall:

Hillary Clinton made a number of headlines when she revealed to News 12 Reporter Tara Rosenblum that she had no intention to run for President in 2020. This was the second time that she had made such a claim on the record, but the first to do so on video, and as result, this news went viral and played a big part in Tuesday’s news cycle.

But New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman is reporting via Twitter that reports of the death of Hillary’s presidential ambitions may have been premature. In a two-part tweet, Haberman revealed that according to her source that is “close with Clinton,” the former Secretary of State had not completely ruled out a 2020 run.

She goes on to say in part 2 of the tweet:

The person also says she is extremely unlikely to run, but that she remains bothered that she’s expected to close the door on it when, say, John Kerry isn’t. She has told her team she is waiting at least to see the Mueller report. 2/2


Where to dig in?


First of all, apparently Hillary Clinton is the only one who doesn’t understand that the Mueller report is going to be a huge nothingburger. Good Lord, does she not understand that the whole of the Democrat Party has given up on the thing, which is precisely why the comedy team of Nadler and Schiff is just offstage warming up their act?

Secondly, I’m quite sure that Donald Trump would be interested in mopping the floor with her alcohol soaked, oversized pantsuit a second time.

She should know very well that’s precisely what would happen… but I suppose we can take as an indication of just how far removed from reality she is, when she suggests that Lurch would take the nomination, much less the general election.

And by the way, as regards Maggie Haberman, let’s remember, shall we, that one has been exposed fully as a Clinton operative. I suppose that she’s trying to make up for spilling the beans on the funding for that fake dossier Fusion GPS put up.