Excellent podcast as always, guys. I do listen every week, and enjoy it every time.

I will take a small exception to the last couple of minutes of this week’s podcast, where you got into discussions about John McCain.

Please don’t misunderstand me here, your read of the man and mine are very much parallel, as you will probably see by reading my post early Sunday morning …written before I heard your podcast, since I usually don’t get it until Sunday night, or sometimes Monday.

With that said, I think your collective reading of why Donald Trump went after John McCain within the last week is a little off base. I think in this case there’s a great deal to be had by attacking a dead guy.

I think the only way that I can really explain what I’m thinking, is to cite a historical example.

The Nelson Rockefeller wing of the Republican party did not simply disappear when Nelson Rockefeller himself assumed room temperature.

Rockefeller was in fact, the ideological foundation for a large percentage of the GOP, and I think that’s damage that the GOP has yet to recover from, really.

In much the same way, there is a large contingent people who call themselves Republican who are ideological mates of John McCain. There, too, is a great deal of damage there, from which the party will have a long, painful healing process.

I submit that by attacking the ideological base of that wing of the party … McCain, Trump is attacking his followers, albeit indirectly…. Trying to bring that wing of the party to heel. That’s something that certainly needs to be done, if we’re going to see anything out of Capitol Hill for the next two years.

You might put such cleverness, such intimate psychological understanding of his opponents past Trump, but I’m not sure that I do anymore. Based on what we’ve seen in the last two years, I suggest that very few people will go broke overestimating the man.