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For the sake of discussion, let us take the composite view of all of the things that the people running for the Democratic nomination have coughed up with those far. The ideas, promises, the government programs, the five year plans, so on. Let’s imagine that the Democrats got everything they wanted. If by some stroke of bad luck that would happen, what would we get?

The answer of course, lies somewhere between California and Argentina.

The Democrat Party is no longer the party of Bill Clinton, having rather successfully separated itself from its moderates. It is the party is Barack Obama.The Looney Toons are now running the show. Say what you will about Bernie Sanders normalizing socialism with the fact of the matter is that Obama and his socialism was what enabled Bernie Sanders to do his thing.

With that as a setup, let’s get into the individual candidates.

I have my doubts Bernie Sanders is going to progress very far in this presidential run of his.

It’s a little difficult to promote a 79 year old as being a standard-bearer for a party of young ideas, and particularly with the spectacle of the smoking ruin of Venezuela, and its connection to Bernie Sanders style socialism, never very far out of the sight of the electorate, no matter how self-absorbed the Democrat electorate is these days.

The irony here is that the Democrats have spent the last three years calling Donald Trump self-absorbed… yet, when we’re talking about Democratic candidates for a given office, self-absorption appears to be a positive boon …at least in their mindlessness.

The final irony here about Bernie Sanders is that both he and Hitler claimed to be Democratic socialist, are of Jewish extraction and both, apparently encourage anti-semitism.

Yeah, that’s going to go over large. The only positive thing about Bernie running is that he will be taking a pound of flesh from each of the rest of these wannabes.

Speaking of self-absorbed, Robert Francis O’Rourke seems to be a measure of the confusion within the Democrat Party these days, and ultimately the desperation thereof. The pull quote from his most recent magazine article on the cover was “I was born to do this.” The operative word being “I”. Both self-absorbed and feeling entitled not unlike Hillary Clinton last time around.

If the Irish guy with the culturally appropriated Spanish nickname seems to you like the second coming of Obama, you’re not far wrong.

The Obama/Clinton circle of friends has their fingerprints all over this guy.

Let’s face it, the only thing he’s got going for him, (past the association with the Obama-Clinton crime family) is that culturally appropriated nickname and the looks of Bobby Kennedy. It strikes me that after generations of trying to separate itself from the Kennedy legacy, Camelot 2.0 is probably not going to excite very many Democrats.

His campaign slogan, “We’re doomed” does seem to lack a certain something.

Taking another cue from Obama, the man is the ultimate empty chair. From what we’ve seen so far he’s even better at it than Obama was. Even assuming he makes it through the primary, he’ll never make it past the general… And I get the sense from watching the Democrats that they know it, too… At least a goodly chunk of them do. Remember, gang, this guy spent a hundred million dollars trying to win a senate seat and still lost.

Kamala Harris is not going anywhere, either. The woman has serious credibility issues. (How bad is it when your father denounces your identity politics?)

Even aside from her wack doodle liberalism, I’ve already written to some of this. She’s one of those people who believes in spite of all existing evidence that man can be perfected by means of legislation …if we would only do her bidding. For all but the most devoted socialist, her candidacy is a complete non-starter.

Hillary Clinton and her people continue to make noises about how she’s not completely out of the race, but frankly, she stands the chances of a three-legged cat in a dog show… her biggest problem is the trail left behind her.

That’s a situation which is only going to get worse as more and more comes out about the origins and the management of the Russia hoax, and how the FBI has been protecting her. indeed, once that all comes out, the Democrat brand will be beyond damaged. Such damage will be a challenge for anyone to overcome not least the group of individuals that caused it. With about everyone desperate to disassociate from her… (see also, rats, sinking ship) She’s going nowhere.

Creepy Uncle Joe is the kind of

person that you invite to family parties cautiously, because you never know what’s going to pour out of his mouth or who he’s going to try to feel up.

Let’s face it gang, Obama is in reality the worst POTUS in history. When they were looking for someone to make Obama look good, Biden was uniquely suited to the task, which is in fact the primary task of the vice president, anyway. Even though he’s actually leading in the polls, (a point which I find both amusing and informative as to how bad the rest of the Democrat field is being perceived, even by Democrats) the reality is that his candidacy isn’t going anywhere either.

I’m not even going to bother with Elizabeth Warren, having already written to that situation.

In total, the field of Democrats thus far running for the office of POTUS can be viewed this way:

Like the 12 alarm fire shown above, even a quick glance at the situation reveals that not a one of them is going to be standing for very long. Even in the view of Democrats there isn’t one of them that does not have serious issues.

And with each one of the candidates trying to out -liberal the other in an effort to gain traction among the low-information voter,they are taking away any chance they might have in the general election.

Personally I’m buying popcorn, to pop over this forthcoming bonfire of Democrats.

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