From Bearing Arms

A year ago, no one had never heard of David Hogg. Then a geographical fluke put him in front of the cameras and now he’s a name almost everyone knows.

It’s too bad for both him and everyone else that the only thing he really knows is how to find himself in front of a camera

Mr. Hogg

After telling viewers that Americans need to find unity in addressing gun violence, Hogg was asked about his recent efforts to ban certain kinds of semiautomatic firearms at the state level. He said he and other March for Our Lives activists had introduced a ballot initiative to ban so-called assault weapons in Florida. He said those who own an AR-15, the most popular rifle in the United States, want to hunt other people.

“The truth of the matter is weapons like the AR-15 have an effective range of over 1,500 meters,” Hogg said. “If you’re using a weapon with an effective range of over 1,500 meters, you are not defending yourself. You are hunting a human being.”

from CNBC

Sales have been brisk for U.S. gun makers in the last decade. The number of total firearms made topped 10 million in 2013, the latest data available from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. That’s more than double the industry’s output in 2008.

In the past 10 years, assault-style rifles have been used in 14 public mass shootings, Reuters reported, Half of those shootings have occurred since last June, according to a data base maintained by Mother Jones magazine

Five to ten million AR-15 owners, all attempting murder, and what three death a year from all long guns.