If there’s anything that’s surprising about what we see going on with the governor of Virginia it said anyone is surprised by it. That people are surprised by these happenings, tells me that what we’re dealing with is the largest con job since Barack Hussein Obama.

We have apparently forgotten that the KKK was the military arm of the Democrat Party, O’Connor, Robert Byrd, George Wallace, LBJ and so on. Let’s remember the Jim Crow laws were written by Democrats.

Let’s be honest enough to recognize that there is something of a trend amongst the Democrats with this stuff.

And by the way while I’m thinking about it, where the heck was the vetting process within the Democratic party?

I guess they were too busy trying to direct the smear of Judge Kavenaugh.

If you think all of these will be denounced by the Democrats to the point of forcing them out of office and removing their “super Democrat” membership cards, think again.

Other matters…. Look, this is all speculation I grant you.
But let’s find out who it is that was responsible for the picture the governor in black face showing up when it did. Isn’t the lieutenant governor high on the list of suspects simply because of the idea that he would be the one to benefit?

I mean, we have a black lieutenant governor, whom it would be easy enough to presume got annoyed at the picture, and recognizing that the become governor all he has to do is release that picture to the ever so politically correct press. Fairfax had the motivation, times two.

And let’s say, again just for the sake of speculation, that the governor realizing where that picture being posted came from, decided to bring up the the well-established history of sexual assault against his lieutenant governor.
Tit for tat, in other words.

Again, this is all speculation.

The surprising part is that it all fits with what we’ve been told so far.

It’s amazing what happens to Democrats when their power is on the line, isn’t it?