Well… now comes word that the attorney general in Virginia is moving in response to “blackface” allegations.

So, the governor, the lieutenant governor, and the attorney general all facing major political problems, position threatening ones.

The Washington Post meanwhile is now saying that the Governor needs to resign for the same reason. Let’s remember gang, that this is the same Governor that they were preaching was a racial healer. WaPo has gotten it wrong so often, one wonders why anyone pays attention to them anymore. That aside, it’s a measure of just how bad things have gotten in Virginia.

Frankly, I see absolutely no reason for this circular firing squad not continue on a national scale.

Consider Elizabeth Warren and her claims of native American heritage…. Since, rather clearly debunked.

Consider Cory “Spartacus” Booker, being equally dishonest.

Does anybody think that in the effort to sate their political avarice, those two issues are not going to be brought up? And I bring those two individuals and their overt lies up in this post simply because I had the links to hand. There is of course a long list of examples that I could link here.

As an aside, I suppose that’s probably why the Democrats are so frustrated over their inability to topple Trump. They work on the Clintonesque idea that there must be some dirt, some place on everybody, and Trump can’t be any different than their own Front Runners. their lack of ability to come up with something, anything in that regard of itself shows the fallacy in that idea. But it doesn’t stop them from doubling down on it. observe for example the number of brand new investigations in the brand new Democrat-run lower house.

In any event, what we see in Virginia is Democrats being held to their own standards and not surviving the challenge. Those standards, you see, were only supposed to apply to Republicans…

And I tell you point blank that the cannibal pot we see bubbling away in Virginia, will be spreading out across the country for the next two years, at least.

And all I can say to that is “bon appetit”.