Ann Coulter is often right. Ann Coulter is often wrong. I have never been afraid of supporting her when she’s right, I’ve never been afraid of pointing the flamethrower at her when she’s wrong, as in this case.

Accusing the president of total capitulation on border security seems a little overheated to say the very least, given the current situation, with the president taking somewhat extraordinary steps secure the border.

She seems to have fallen into the same trap that the left has found themselves in all too frequently, under -estimating the tenacity of Donald Trump. Like him, or hate him, the one thing that you have to say about Trump is that he will not give up if there are still options on the table…and over the last two years has demonstrated that repeatedly. Interesting how Ann didn’t get the message.

Ann Coulter

Now of course, given her support of Mitt Romney for example, I can understand her emotional need here. She’s a creature all too enamored with the establishment GOP. Any chance she gets, she’s going to water those roots so to speak. But it’s not doing her credibility much good.

It would help if we could see her correcting her mistake here, but I doubt we will.