No, Mr. President. Do not open the government until such time as the Democrats back down and the wall is fully funded.

I will remind you what happened to President Bush when he compromised with Democrats on promises that they would deal with his concerns at the time. He went against his pledge for no new taxes because the Democrats demanded it, and swore they’d be good and do their jobs if he did. The Democrats then turned around to use that broken promise to beat mr. Bush about the head and shoulders come time for reelection.

To the Republicans in Congress, grow a spine. Stand up for what’s right.

Tell the Schumer and Pelosi they get absolutely nothing until the wall gets fully funded. Don’t let the party of Bill Clinton dictate to us what’s moral and what is not.

That is all.

2 Responses to “To the Presidents And to the GOP in Congress”

  1. Eric, my boy, There have been no Republicans in the Congress of Criminals in your lifetime!

    We had Republicans in the Pre Eisencoward days, but they went to hell in the early 50s, and never again found their spines.

    Even in the days of Newt’s Republican Revolution, there were no Republicans. Had there been, Paxton would have stayed in Congress, and Team Red would have built a bench.  Instead a small handfull of Newtonians grabbed theirs and ran to their hideouts.  Then they sold out to TEAM Blue.  Remember the famed line “We have to play nice with the Blues so when they take power back they’ll play nice with us.”  The Reds are too stupid to know the only game Blue plays is how far the bat goes up Red’s ass.

    Both Teams told us in 2016 that we are nothing to them other than suckers who send money when they pointed out the Party is a Closed Elite Club.  Blue is so filthy they have abandoned the name Democrat and Red is a shrinking closed club.

  2. Oh, there are Republicans, John. Just not conservatives. At least, damn few of them. Therein, lies the rub.