Let me start this out by saying that there is only one reason why the Democrats in Congress are putting up such a stink about putting up the rest of the wall on the Mexican border. It’s because they hate Donald Trump, because he is a check on their power.

The Democrats know that their chances of obtaining the White House and for that matter holding onto their 2018 Congressional gains, are completely gone if the wall goes up as Trump demands.

Everything else, and I mean everything else being offered by the Democrats at this point is completely vacuous, particularly in light of their previous positions on the subject.

The Democrat desperation, which is displayed as their hatred for Donald Trump is the only reason that anyone can come up with to explain their 180-degree turnaround.

The reader is invited to try to change my mind in the comments. First however, watch this:

I am on record many times as saying that the primary motivation for Democrats is their power. When they pull a shameless flip flop like this, and hope that nobody sees it, you know that they’re feeling their power threatened.