I’ve always objected to the title “dreamers”, because natural born Americans have dreams as well… And apparently, to Democrats they don’t count.

How do I know that that’s the only thing that this shutdown is about? Observe recent history.

I ran this editorial cartoon just after the last shut down which was orchestrated by the Democrats. Yes, Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer.

They were willing to shut down the government then and hold the country hostage so the sole purpose of importing Democrat voters. They are doing precisely the same thing now. That’s the unspoken truth in all of this. It is the Democrats who are holding this country hostage.

I’ll bet you’re not even aware that the Senate took up a votes just recently 2 hazy federal workers while the government was shut down. Guess who voted against it? That’s right, Democrats.

And not just once, either. But three times so far.

Funny how we never saw anything about this in the lamestream media

A few days ago, a tweet from Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw caught my attention.  He mentioned an effort by House Republicans to force a vote on a bill that would have ensured that federal employees at agencies shuttered by the partial government shutdown — including furloughed workers — would receive their first paychecks of 2019.  This push was made in the form of a ‘motion to recommit,’ one of the few legislative tools available to the lower chamber minority, and it was soundly defeated, despite half-a-dozen Democrats crossing the aisle to join the GOP.  Crenshaw said this development had not been reported widely, and he was right.  Even I hadn’t heard about it:

Democrats’ top talking point throughout this entire partial shutdown has been the plight of unpaid federal workers. Many are living paycheck to paycheck, they’ve explained, and are therefore struggling to make ends meet during this political standoff. House Republicans responded by seeking a narrow method to pay these people. Nancy Pelosi and her party have now twice defeated these attempts, calling them “political stunts.” I wonder if the government employees would be as dismissive of bipartisan efforts to pay them. What’s useful about this exercise is that it’s clarifying: In spite of their protestations and theatrics, Democratic leadership’s top priority is not helping these workers. It’s refusing to give in to Donald Trump’s core demand that precipitated this standoff.

Oh…  and I beg of you to not let the line about a wall being immoral sway you.

First of all, I don’t know about you, but I refuse to let the Democrats lecture America on morality after what we’ve seen the last few decades from them.

Even absent that glaring hypocrisy, remember that these same people not so very long ago, when there was a Socialist big government Democrat in the White House, wanted a wall along the southern border.

Or, so they said.

The Democrats could end this in a moment by funding the border wall. They won’t because they know if it gets built, they’ll lose out on all the brand new Democrat voters coming over the Border.

That’s what this is about. That’s always what this has been about.  being able to bollix up Donald Trump’s agenda is a nice to have as far as the Democrats are concerned. But the core of this has always been DACA. That’s the end game.

And the Democrats must not succeed in this or it’s game over for the country.