So, now we’re hearing that Elizabeth Warren has announced her intention to run for president.Personally, I give her 1/1024 of a chance of actually winning in the general, though her actually taking the Democratic nomination wouldn’t surprise me much. After all, who else have they got?I really do have to wonder in retrospect, however, if the failed DNA test wasn’t intentional. She’s always intended to run, but needed some way to get that “I’m a native American” monkey off her back…and the public revelation of what everybody else already knew was viewed as the only way to do that.I will tell you this; If she does manage to win the nomination, Donald Trump is a lock sure bet for re-election.

One Response to “Smoke Signals”

  1. Fauxasqawa seems to be taking her campaign clues from J. Forbes Kerry.  Good for amusing blog fodder but not for a serious campaign.