From an article in The Federalist today…

That brings us to the final point of comparison. Britain’s Telegraph recently reported that UK schools are teaching British children that “Trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods” and that “menstruation must be inclusive of all genders.” You read that right.

In the span of 100 years, Bri\ntain has gone from producing men who were so eager to fight and die for their country that 16-year-olds lied about their age to enlist when the minimum age was 19, to teaching primary school boys that they can have periods just like girls and offering feminine hygiene products in boys’ bathrooms. This phenomenon isn’t unique to the U.K. U.S. colleges, like the University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota, and Brown University offer menstrual products in their men’s rooms, in the name of “menstrual equity” and as a sop to a miniscule “transgender” population.

Can any culture—British, American or any other—raise “rough men” ready to defend it against a ruthless enemy when it cannot even fix in the minds of its developing youth what their sex is? What would Winston say? I’ll take Sgt. Jason McClary any day.

The answer of course is no, they cannot. Interestingly enough, the Russians and the Chinese aren’t having that problem. Perhaps it’s time for us to examine just why that is. For all the worry about Russian influence on our elections, maybe it’s time we examined the rock being created in our culture at least some of it by the Russians…. encouraged by the UnAmerican left.

There’s this, also… The mentioning of Winston Churchill brings to mind the first action of the Obama White House, removing the bust of Winston Churchill from the oval office, and for the last 30 years or so, at least since the end of the prime ministership of Margaret Thatcher, the attempt on the part of the British government to separate itself from Churchill’s legacy.

Addendum: Eric

After this was posted, I’ve noticed that Ed Driscoll over at instapundit has mentioned the same article. His comments on the subject as always, are worthwhile.