Things that occur to me along the way….

Perhaps Donald Trump should tax anyone who doesn’t want the wall. You know, rather like Obama’s Healthcare take over.

*Nancy Pelosi is not wanting Donald Trump to do his State of the Union message, not for the stated security reasons, but because, like the 10-year old bringing home a bad report card, she knows she’s going to get spanked. See also, her refusal to meet with the mothers of the murder victims of illegal aliens who showed up at her office the other day. The very same reason is behind that action as well. If there is a more disgusting spectacle in politics today I don’t know of one.

* Ponder the idea that the Democrats both in the federal government’s and in the LA county School district…(remember, the teachers union there is run by democrats) refuse to negotiate. Meanwhile China and North Korea are negotiating. So, what we have here is a situation where communist dictatorships are easier to negotiate with than Democrats.

* If you rob a bank in a “sanctuary city”, does that make it merely an undocumented withdrawal?

* Speaking of sanctuary cities, what should we say about Rahm Emanuel’s promise to illegals that they will always be safe in Chicago? I suppose that depends on how you define “safe”, since we’re dealing with something on the order of 3,000 people shot in 2018 within the confines of Chicago. Maybe lawlessness doesn’t work?

* If immediately following their election, taking over the house and the Senate, the Republicans were flying down to Puerto Rico for the purpose of getting drunk on the beach and seeing Broadway plays, while there was a crisis going on here at home, do you think the mainstream media would be all over it?

* The very same people that don’t want you to own firearms, are the same people that want to own you.