A few things that crossed my mind today…

If there are as is claimed, 63 genders, why is it the Golden globes only have male and female categories?

Am I the only one who has noticed that after it hasn’t snowed for a long period of time, people forget how to drive in slippery weather?

The anti-semitic anti-israel wing of the Democrat Party is out there for all to see now. Except of course for the Press who hasn’t made any notice of it at all and I sort of wonder why nobody calls them on it.

Consider the quote above. Now, you late a trial. Doesn’t matter what the charges are. She’s the defendant. When the judge reminds her of her arguments about how facts don’t matter, one wonders what she will say.

Speaking of such things isn’t it interesting how left who has been spending the last 40 some-odd years trying to tell us that morality was unimportant that a personal choice, now abandons that idea and claims it’s more important than fact? Nancy Pelosi call your office.

Does anybody really believe that someone taking their oath of office on a Koran really has the best interests of America at heart and will support freedom of religion which is the first amendment to the Constitution they are supposedly swearing to uphold?

If fences don’t work, then why did the DNC have a 4 mile long 9 foot high fence around their convention in Philadelphia in 2016?