If there’s one thing that can be said about Elizabeth Warren declaring her intent to run for the presidency, it’s that there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of enthusiasm among Democrats about it.

Similarly, Bernie Sanders’ presidential plans don’t seem to raise anybody’s heart rate… Nor does Joe Biden’s. The artificial Hispanic, Beto O’Rourke? Flatline. (Name recognition doesn’t help when people can see clearly that there’s no “there, there. How bad does one have to be for Democrats to see you as nothing more than a ball of fluff and salesmanship? Kamala Harris? Yawnsville. AOC? Laughter. (Clouds must look down on that one and say… “Hey that one is shaped just like an idiot!”) Andrew Cuomo? Yes, he’s making a lot of the right left-wing noises. For example, the recent banning of plastic bags in New York, unilaterally….(the legislature was nowhere to be found on that one.) The reality is, the man is one step away from a corruption investigation which will kill any chances of his participating.

So it is across the board. The fact of the matter is that the Democrats have absolutely nobody that can possibly run in 2020 with the slightest chance of actually obtaining the White House. And it appears they’ve begun to notice.

Oh sure, there’s lots of vitriol coming out of the Democrats for Donald Trump and anything else to the right of Fidel Castro these days. Trouble is, from their viewpoint, there’s nobody that can fulfill these socialist wet dreams of theirs. Nobody that’s actually able to garner votes in the general election, will ever make it past the left wing of the Democrat party, and versa/visa And the thing is the Democrats as a whole, know it. The understanding is beginning to Dawn on them that’s simply hating Donald Trump is not worthy reason to elect someone. One must have an actual, workable, agenda. the agenda that we see amongst the Democrats these days, particularly in the list above is, “free stuff for everybody”… And the recognition has begun to dawn, that’s such an agenda is unsustainable.

Oddly enough, that understanding comes from eight years of watching Obama’s incompetent bumbling, and from watching the man who they consider to be a total screwup setting the country on the right path again pretty much before the echo died from taking the oath of office.

Oh don’t misunderstand me, they will eventually find somebody to be the Democrat standard-bearer in 2020. The thing is even the Democrats have begun to understand that they will be approximately as popular as Walter Mondale, and for the same reasons.